Exchange 2016: Installation and Configuration

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Administration Tools for Exchange 2016

When installing Exchange 2016, 3 administrative tools are available:

  • The ECP web interface
  • Powershell commands
  • The Exchange Toolbox console

ECP interface

The ECP interface is a web interface accessible from any browser.

It allows the current administration of Exchange:

  • Create / delete MAILBOX
  • Administration of the MAILBOX (alias, quota …)
  • Moving the MAILBOX
  • Database creation
  • Import / Export …

1. Open an internet browser and enter the following address: https://exchange-server-name / ecp.

2. Enter the information of an administrator account to log in.

Connexion en administrateur

3. Configure the language and time of the Exchange account.

Langue et heure

This information will be requested from all users when they first login.

4. You are now connected to the administration.

Aperçu ECP

PowerShell Console

1. From the Start menu, look for the Exchange Management Shell (run EMS as Administrator).

Exchange Management Shell

2. Console PowerShell Exchange :

Console Shell

Some operations can only be done in PowerShell (database move, batch action …).

Exchange Toolbox

This console offers “3” tools:

  • Visualization of mail queues
  • Modification of the templates of the address book files
  • A link to which allows you to test the configuration of your Exchange infrastructure from the outside.

1. From the Start menu, open the server Exchange toolbox (Administrator).

Exchange Toolbox

2. Exchange toolbox console with links to 3 tools:

Console Exchange Toolbox

3. Queues:

Files attente

4. Address Book Template :

5. Remote Connectivity Analyzer

Echange test connexion

Now that we have seen the different tools available to manage Exchange 2016, we will move on to its configuration and administration.

The configuration points that I propose as a result of this tutorial follow the various installations that I have been able to perform.

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