Proxmox: replication of VMs between 2 Proxmox servers

In this tutorial, we will see how to set up the replication of a virtual machine or an LXD container between two Proxmox servers. Overview of Replication Proxmox allows you to set up the replication of virtual machine disks between two Proxmox servers which are members of the same cluster (Datacenter). Replication is carried out …

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Proxmox: configure a cluster with Ceph storage

In this tutorial, I will explain how to configure a cluster with Proxmox in order to ensure high availability and storage management will be with Ceph in order to have a Hyperconverged virtualization environment. Presentation Before launching into the tutorial, I will cover a few points for newbies. Let’s start with hyperconvergence, traditionally the Clustering …

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Hyper-V setting up replication between two hosts

Console source

In this tutorial, we will see how to set up and use replication between two Hyper-V infrastructures. This Hyper-V native solution makes it easy to set up a PRA at a lower cost. Replication is possible between standalone hosts and clustered hosts. Prerequisites You must have two Hyper-V hosts in the same configured version and …

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Windows server: DHCP failover configuration

Presentation Since Windows 2012, the DHCP role includes a high availability feature: DHCP failover. DHCP failover can be configured in two ways: active / active or active / passive. In the first case, the two servers operate simultaneously and share the load between them, in the second case the second will take over in case …

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Configuring the Update for Windows Server Clusters

Clustered Update is a feature that allows you to update servers in a failover cluster with little or no loss of availability during the update process. During an update run, the feature transparently performs the following tasks: The automatic update process triggers a scheduled failover. This may result in a temporary downtime for connected clients. …

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Managing virtual machines in a Windows Server Hyper-V cluster

Création machine virtuelle

In this tutorial, we will see how to manage your virtual machines in a Hyper-V cluster using the Cluster Manager console. It is also possible to use the following tools to manage virtual machines with Hyper-V: In this article we will address the following points: If you are not in a hyper-v cluster, the Hyper-V …

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Failover Clustering Windows 2016/2019 – Installation and Configuration

Noeuds du cluster

The failover clustering feature ensures high availability of a service by using multiple servers (nodes) that can make it work. Some examples of services that can be used with the Failover Cluster feature: Prerequisites Configuration of the control disk (Quorum) Quorum is a very important element of the Failover Cluster, it has 2 main functions: …

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Connecting to Remote Desktop Session Host servers by the Broker

Problem If you followed the article: Setting up an RDS farm under Windows 2012R2/2016, the client connection configuration is done using a Round Robin on the DNS. What happens if the server returned by the DNS is offline? The connection will not succeed and an error message is displayed. Solution: Establish a connection through the …

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NLB: Windows Installation and Configuration 2012R2 / 2016 – Network Load Balancing

Cluster NLB

Presentation of NLB Network Load Balancing (NLB) is a feature built into Windows that allows the implementation of load balancing at the network level. It is often used with IIS / FTP / RDS. NLB works with a virtual IP address that is available to all hosts in the cluster. NLB supports up to 32 …

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