DNS: conditional forwarder

Windows Server 2019

Presentation of conditional forwarder

In this article, I will explain and show you how to set up a conditional forwarder on a Windows DNS server.

As a reminder, DNS redirection allows the service to send requests to another DNS service to resolve the request for an unknown zone.

A conditional forwarder is used to specify the DNS server (s) to contact to resolve a specific namespace (domain name). It can be set up in a multi-domain environment (for example child domain) or to resolve a namespace you own by specifying the NS servers of your registar.

The set below illustrates the processing of a request without conditional redirector (red) and with conditional redirector (green).

DNS query

The other advantage of using a redirector for an area that is managed and to be able to bypass the cache (TTL) public servers.

Setting a conditional forwarder

Open the DNS Management Console.

open console

Right click on Conditional forwarders 1 and click on New conditional forwarder 2 .


Enter the domain concerned by the redirector 1 , add the name servers (NS) 2 and click OK 3 .

redirector config

The redirector is added 1 .

Redirector added

By opening the redirector, we can see the IP addresses of the DNS servers.

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