GLPI: Collector – Automatic ticket creation

The collectors in GLPI allow the creation of tickets automatically in the assistance part by sending an e-mail.

A user sends an email to [email protected]. GLPI will use the automatic tasks to retrieve the email in the box and create a ticket in the helpdesk.


  • Have the PHP IMAP extension enabled.
  • Have configured the automatic actions in GLPI.
  • Enter the users’ e-mail address.


For the implementation of this article, I’ll use a real-life case that I put into production.

The company has a mailbox dedicated to the IT department ([email protected]) with an alias [email protected] reserved for incidents and requests.

A support folder has been created on the inbox with a rule that stores all emails sent to the support address in this folder.

Règle de rangement dans Exchange

Two other folders have been created so that the GLPI collector can store the e-mails collected.

  • support_ok : all e-mails which enabled a ticket to be opened automatically are stored in this folder.
  • support_non : all e-mails that could not be treated as an incident are stored there. (spam, unknown users …).
Dossiers de la boite e-mail

To work, the GLPI collector must know all the users with their e-mail addresses. For this you must make a connection with your LDAP directory (AD) and have the e-mail field to fill in.

Configuration of the collector on GLPI

1. Go to your GLPI installation.

2. From the navigation menu, go to Configuration 1 > Collectors 2.

Aller à la configuration des collecteurs

3. Click on the + 1 to add a new collector.

Ajouter un nouveau collecteur

4. Collector configuration:

1 Enter the collector’s email address.
2 Activated the collector.
3 Mail server address.
4 Server Connection Protocol (IMAP)
5 Email recovery folder
6 Identifier to connect to the box.
7 Password
8 Archive folder for valid emails.
9 Invalid email archive folder.
10 Click on Add.

Paramétrage du collecteur

5. Return to the list of collectors and click on the one just added.

6. Go to the Actions tab 1 and click on the Retrieve emails now 2 button to test the connection.

Test du collecteur

7. If all is well you should see a message like this then a notification:


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