PRTG: equipment dependent on a parent

PRTG allows you to create dependencies between multiple devices. This allows in case of failure of a device to pass the others automatically paused. This parameter can be used with servers and a switch.

In this tutorial, we will use it to bind a server to a database instance. If on a server, there are several Oracle / SQL Server instances, it is not possible to supervise them on the same device, because the connection information to the instance (credential/ port ….) is linked to equipment.


  • Have created and configured the parent device as well as the sensors.
  • Create the equipment linked.

Configuration of dependent equipment

1. On the equipment, click Settings 1 .

PRTG equipement

2. Disable the 1 inheritance of Schedule, dependencies and maintenance window, Dependency type choose Select object 2 and click on Click to select a 3 object.

Configure equipement

3. Select parent device 1 and sensor 2 then click Save 3 .

Select parent

4. Click Save 1 to save the dependency link.


5. The addiction is added. It is visible in the summary of parameters 1 .

dependency added


The use of the dependency of a parent makes it possible to set up in PRTG a separation in the physical supervision of the server and the software part.

It is necessary to arrive associated equipment as a service and not only like a computer or a material.

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