Create a folder in PowerShell

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Create a folder with PowerShell

In this “How To” tutorial, I will show you how to create a folder in PowerShell.

To create a folder in PowerShell, use the New-Item cmdlet indicating the location and name of the folder and set the itemType parameter with the value Directory to indicate that you want to create a folder.

Example to create the SharedFolder folder at the root of drive C:

Open a PowerShell window

On a server or a computer with a graphical interface, open a PowerShell prompt, preferably as an administrator to make sure you have the rights.

Use the New-Item Cmdlet to create the folder.

Enter the following command to create the SharedFolder folder at the root of the C drive:

New-Item "C:\SharedFolder" -itemType Directory

The folder is created

On the screenshot above, you can see the return of the command, which indicates that the folder has been created.

The New-Item cmdlet is used in PowerShell to create different types like folders, registry key, file …

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