Admin Center: installation in gateway mode

Windows Server 2019


In this tutorial, we will see how to install the Admin Center in gateway mode.

As a reminder, the Admin Center is a Web interface that allows the administration of Windows servers using WinRM.

From the Admin Center, it is almost possible the same as with the graphical interface:

  • Monitor a set of servers
  • Install roles
  • Change network configuration

The Admin Center offers a graphical interface for the administration of a hyperconverged infrastructure.

Installation in Gateway mode, requires a dedicated Windows 2016/2019 server for the Admin Center

Unlike the local mode, that is to say that the Admin Center is directly installed on your Windows 10 computer (tutorial on Windows 10), the gateway mode will allow you to dedicate a server to the Admin Center which will be accessible by a Internet browser from any compatible Internet browser. This amounts to dedicating a server to management.

Below, an infographic from the Microsoft site that allows you to view the different types of deployment possible.

During installation, no configuration is necessary, installation in Gateway mode is automatic from the moment the Admin Center is installed on a Windows 2016/2019 server.


A Windows 2016 or 2019 server preferably dedicated to the Admin Center and joined to the Active Directory domain.

If you want to install the Admin Center on a non-dedicated server, this must not be a domain controller and must not have the IIS role installed.

Download the latest version of the Admin Center from the Microsoft website :

Admin Center Installation

Run the download file from the server.

Admin Center MSI

Wait while the installation wizard loads and initializes.

Chargement de l'assistant d'installation de l'admin center

Check the box to accept the license 1 and click Next 2.

Accepter la licence

Choose the configuration for receiving updates 1 and click Next 2.

Configuration des mises à jour

The wizard summarizes the installation in gateway mode, click on Next 1.

Résume du mode passerelle

Configure the behavior of the Admin Center remote access 1 and click Next 2.

Configuration de l'accès distant de  l'admin center

Configure the web server 1 and click on Install 2.

Configuration du serveur Web

Wait during installation …

Installation de l'admin center

Once the installation is complete, exit the wizard by clicking on Finish 1.

Installation terminée

Use the Admin Center

Launch a compatible browser (IE Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox) and enter the server name https: // fqdn-srv-admin-center 1, accept certificate alerts 2 and enter the credentials 3 of an account having the rights to administer servers.

Accéder à l'admin center

Wait while loading …


Once the Admin Center loaded , we arrive on the server list. By default, the gateway server is added. Just click on the server to access its administration.

Add a server in the Admin Center

In the server list, click on Add 1.

Ajouter un serveur

Click on the Add 1 button of the resource type.

Choisir le type de ressource

Enter the fqdn name of the server 1 then click on Add 2.

Ajout d'un serveur dans l'Admin Center

It is possible that the identifiers are requested.

The server is added to the list of connections, click on it 1 to access its administration.

Serveur ajouté

Features overview:

Add an extension

The Admin Center allows you to add extensions to extend the functionality, for example:

  • Active Directory to manage users
  • DNS to administer the role
  • Idrac to manage Dell servers

Access the parameters by clicking on the gear 1 and clicking on Extensions 2.

Paramètres de l'Admin Center

In the list of available extensions, select the desired extension 1 and click on Install 2.

Sélectionner l'extension à installer

Wait while the extension is downloaded and installed, the Admin Center notification system allows you to follow the progress.

Installation en cours

Once the installation is complete, go to the server on which the extension can be used, it will be available in the left menu, click on it 1 to access the functionalities.

Extension disponible

Active Directory extension overview:


The Admin Center is a centralized administration tool for Windows servers that facilitates daily management with a central access point and avoids remote desktop connection to the servers.

Administration of Core servers is made easier.

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