Active Directory: create an organizational unit (OU) in PowerShell

Windows Server 2019

In this “How to” tutorial, we will see how to create an Organizational Unit in an Active Directory with the New-ADOrganizationalUnit cmdlet.

Create an OU in PowerShell

Open a PowerShell command prompt

From a domain controller open a PowerShell window

Use the New-ADOrganizationalUnit Cmdlet to Create the OU

Enter the following command by adapting the -Name and -PATH parameters

Example to create an OR at the root

New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name "IT" -Path "OU=DC=LAB,DC=INTRA"

Example to create an organizational unit in another

New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name "IT" -Path "OU=Services,DC=LAB,DC=INTRA"

The organizational unit is created

The IT OU is created in the Services OU.

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