Windows Server : join an Active Directory domain

Windows Server 2019

Join Windows Server an Active Directory domain

In this tutorial “how”, we will see how to join a Windows server with graphical interface to an Active Directory domain.

In order to be able to join, the server must be able to resolve the DNS name of the domain.

Verify that the server resolves the Active Directory domain using the ping command

Open a command prompt and ping the Active Directory domain name

Open the server manager

Open the server manager and click on Local server in the navigation panel.

Open system properties

Click on the name of the workgroup to open the system properties.

Edit system properties

Click on the Change button.

Enter the Active Directory domain name

In the Member of a section, select Domain and enter the domain name and click OK.

Enter credentials for a domain account

Enter the information for a domain user account authorized to join computers and click OK.

Validate the confirmation message of entry in the domain of the server

Click OK to close the message confirming entry into the Active Directory domain

Confirm the message indicating that the parameters have been applied after restarting.

Click on OK

Close system properties

Click on the Close button.

Restart the server

Click on Restart now

After restarting, it is possible to connect to the server with a domain user who is authorized to log on to it.

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