Windows Server : installation of the IIS role – Internet Information Services

Windows Server 2019

Installation of the IIS role

In this tutorial, we will see how to install the Internet Information Services (IIS) role which allows you to install a Web server on Windows.

Open the roles and features installation wizard

From Server Manager, click Add Roles and Features.

Pass information on the roles and features installation wizard

At the first step of the wizard, click Next.

Choose Role-based or feature-based installation

Choose the type of installation: Installation based on a role or a functionality and click on Next.

Select the server where the role will be installed

Select the server where the IIS role will be installed and click Next.

Select the Web Server (IIS) role

Click to check the Web Server (IIS) role box.

Confirm the addition of dependent features

Click on Add Features.

Validate the selection of the Web Server (IIS) role

Click on Next.

Skip features

Skip the functionality by clicking Next.

Web Server Role Summary (IIS)

Skip the IIS Web Server role summary by clicking Next.

IIS role services

IIS offers different services which can be activated, depending on the needs selected and click on Next.

Confirm role installation

Click on the Install button.

Wait during installation …

Wait while the role is installed

Installation complete, close wizard

Once the installation is complete, exit the wizard by clicking on the Close button.

The web server is ready, the default site directory is C:\inetpub\wwwroot.

Several tutorials on IIS are available on the site explaining how to use it.

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