Share a folder in PowerShell

Windows Server 2019

Create a share with PowerShell:

This tutorial explains how to share a folder in Powershell granting full access to Everyone.

The folder to be shared must already exist on the server.

Open a PowerShell window

On the server, open a PowerShell command prompt as Administrator.

Use the New-SmbShare cmdlet

Enter the following command to create a share. Returning the command will show an equivalent of Get-SmbShare.

New-SmbShare -Name NomDuPartage -Path "C:\Dossier\Sur\LeServeur" -FullAccess "Tout le monde"
New-SmbShare - PowerShell

Verify Sharing

To verify the creation of the share, several possible solutions:

  • Access the UNC path (\\Server\Shared)
  • Use command Get-SmbShare.
  • Check by file explorer.

It is also possible to verify the creation of the share with the Get-SmbShare command.


If the file server has a graphical interface, it is also possible to see it through the file explorer.

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