Hyper-V: create a virtual machine

Windows Server 2019

This tutorial explains how to create a virtual machine in Hyper-V using the Hyper-V Manager console.

Prerequisites :

Open the Hyper-V Manager console

This console allows the administration of the Hyper-V service and therefore the creation of virtual machines.

Management Hyper-V

Start the virtual computer creation wizard

From the Actions menu on the left of the console, click on New / Virtual machine.

Click on Next when launching the wizard

The first step of the wizard very briefly summarizes the role of a virtual machine.

Virtual machine name and location

Enter the name of the virtual machine that will be visible in the console, if necessary configure the location of the computer on the server and click on Next.

Specify the generation of the virtual machine

The generation of the virtual machine must be configured according to the guest operating system that will be installed.

Select generation

Memory configuration

Enter the amount of memory for the virtual machine, it is possible at this stage of the configuration to configure the memory dynamically. Go to the next step by clicking Next.

Virtual computer memory

Network configuration

Configure the connection of the network card on the virtual switch and click Next.

Network connection - VM - Hyper-V

Virtual hard drive

Configure the virtual hard disk (file name and size) and click Next.

Configure virtual disk

Installation option

Configure the option for installing the operating system (ISO, PXE …) and click Next.

Boot option for install OS

Confirm the creation of the virtual machine

A summary of the computer settings is displayed, click Finish to create it.

Confirm create VM

The computer is created and available in the Hyper-V Manager console

The computer is ready, all you have to do is start it up to install the operating system.

Computer created on Hyper-V

By default the virtual machine is configured with 1 CPU.

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