GPO: Enabling and Configuring WinRM – Remote Management

Windows Server 2019


In this tutorial, we will have how to enable and configure remote management (WinRM – Windows Remote Management) using a Group Policy (GPO).

On Windows Server, remote access (WinRM) is enabled by default, which is not the case for client versions of Windows (10).

WinRM allows you to administer the computer using:

Group Policy will do the following on the computer:

  1. Configure WinRM.
  2. Start the Remote Access service.

GPO for WinRM

From the Group Policy Management Console, right-click 1 at the location where the policy is to be applied and click Create GPO in this area, and link it here … 2.


Name 1 Group Policy and click OK 2 .

Name GPO

Right click on the 1 strategy and click on Edit 2 .

Edit strategy

Configuring WinRM

Navigate to the following location: Computer Configuration / Policies / Administrative Template / Windows Components / Windows Remote Management (WinRM) / WinRM Service 1 to access the WinRM settings.

Configurable settings for WinRM

Double click on Allow remote server management via WinRM 1 to edit the parameter.

Edit param

Enable 1 the settings, configure the IP addresses allowed to connect 2 . (* allows to allow all IP addresses), click on Apply 3 and OK 4 .

Config param

The configuration of the remote access.

Service configuration

Go to Computer Configuration / Preferences / Control Panel Settings / Services 1 .

GPO config service

In the central area, right click then go to New 1 and click on Service 2 .

New service

Change the start of the service to Automatic (delayed start) 1 then click on the Browse button (…) 2 to select the service.

Config service

Choose the Windows Remote Management Service (WSM Management) – WinRM 1 and click on the Select button 2

Select service

Configure the service action by selecting Start service 1 and click Apply 2 and OK 3 .

Config start service

The WinRM service is configured.

configured service

Overview of Group Policy settings to configure WinRM.

overview of parameters

When applying the policy on computers, they will be administrable using WinRM.

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