Resolve temporary profile issues on RDS / TSE remote desktops

Context : Temporary profile error on logon For multiple and often unknown reasons, users are connected to their session on a temporary profile. The user does not find his settings including the Outlook profile. All that is stored in the folder C:\Users\TEMP is not saved when they log off. If you apply a folder redirection …

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Can not connect in RDP with an RDS gateway

Symptom When you connect to an RDP server using an RDS gateway, you receive the following error message: Your computer can not connect to the Remote Desktop Gateway server.Contact your network administrator for help. Solution 1. Open the registry editor (regedit) and search for the key : 2. If the RDGClientTransport key exists, pass its …

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Deploy an RDS Farm Windows 2012R2/2016/2019

This tutorial explains how to deploy an RDS farm with Windows Server 2012R2 / 2016/2019.
An RDS environment makes it possible to offer users a working environment on servers.
An RDS farm is composed of several servers with the following services: broker, web access and remote desktop session host.
This tutorial covers the installation of all of these services and the configuration of the RDS gateway.

HTML5 client for Microsoft Remote Desktop Service

Wordpad en HTML5

“Finally an HTML5 client for Windows RDS farms” Presentation In this tutorial, I explain how to set up the HTML 5 client interface to connect to the RDS farm on Windows. Until now to connect to Remote Desktop or RemoteApp, it was necessary to have a heavy RDP client. To connect without a client, it …

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Symptom In this article, I will explain how to resolve the COULD NOT GET TEMP DIRECTORY error simply. From my research this error appears on RDS (WS2012R2) servers using User Profile Disks (UPD). This error occurs when a user tries to install an extension on Google Chrome, I first think of a problem of right, …

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