SQL Server: reduce the size of the transaction log

In this “troubleshooting” tutorial, we will see how to reduce the transaction file (ldf) of a SQL Server database. Normally this file is truncated during server backups (Veeam, Altaro …) or by the maintenance plan. In certain situations with SQL Express, the “truncation” is not done and if the size of the file is badly …

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Reboot ILO


The ILO management card on HP servers can be restarted independently from the operating system. 1. Go to the ILO web interface and then to Information 1 / Diagnostics 2 . Click on the Reset button 3 . 2. Confirm the restart by clicking OK 1 . 3. Wait while restarting ILO.

Optimize the space of SQL Server databases

Start optimization

In this tutorial I will show how to optimize the space used by databases. The optimization of the space is done in two stages: On the database: internal data optimization On files: reducing the size of the files on the disk. It is recommended that you perform these operations after deleting a large amount of …

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