GPO hide drive C

Lecteur C masqué

Presentation In this tutorial, we’ll see how to hide drive C using Group Policy (GPO). This GPO is often used to hide drives on RDS farms. Hiding the reader does not prevent access, it is possible to access the reader by the browser directly entering his address. If you want to apply the GPO to …

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GPO: deploy msi applications

Install auto

In this article, we will see how to deploy applications in MSI format using Group Policy (GPO) in an Active Directory environment. There are two deployment modes : Assigned: Applies mainly to computers, program installation is forced. Published: applies only to users, this mode allows the installation of software at the request of the user, …

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LAPS – Securing Local Administrator Accounts

Wizard install

LAPS (Local Administrator Password Solution) is a free solution provided by Microsoft that allows the security of workstations. LAPS allows for each computer in OR to randomly generate a password for the local Administrator account and store it in an Active Directory attribute (ms-Mcs-AdmPwd). It ‘relies on the SID of the account which is structured …

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Active Directory: Migrate SYSVOL Folder from FRS to DFSR

Since Windows Server 2008 and its 2008 domain functional level, replication of the SYSVOL folder is supported by DFSR, before it was done by FRS. If your domain controllers are running Windows 2012R2, it is advisable to use DFSR for the SYSVOL folder. Since Windows Server 2016 (build 1709), it is no longer possible to …

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Active Directory : increase the functional level of the domain and the forest

The functional level of the domain and forest corresponds to the “version” of your Active Directory environment and allows access to more or fewer features depending on the level of each. Mainly this level change occurs when upgrading to Windows when replacing / migrating domain controllers. The version change may also be necessary for the …

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Setting up a read-only domain controller – RODC

Introduction In this article, we are going to have how to set up a read-only domain controller (RODC). This type of controller, as the name suggests, is read-only, so it can not change user attributes or even add objects. There are several implementation scenarios for this type of domain controller, here are two that I …

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Apply a GPO to an Active Directory Group

Introduction In this article, I will explain how to apply a Group Policy (GPO) to an Active Directory group that contains multiple users. The tutorial also applies in case you want to apply the policy to a particular user. Prerequisites Have created the Active Directory group Having created the strategy The policy must be correctly …

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GPO: Installing the FusionInventory Agent

Following the many messages that I can see on the forum regarding the installation of the FusionInventory agent, I will explain how I have been proceeding for several years. In this article, I will explain how to install the FusionInventory agent using a script that runs when the computer starts up. It is possible to …

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GPO: Run a script when the computer starts


Presentation In this article, we will see how to set up a script that runs at startup of the post using Group Policy (GPO). The advantage of using this type of script is that it is executed with the Administrators rights, which makes it possible to launch software installations on the workstation without any elevation …

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Active directory: Delete a child domain

In the article Active directory: setting up a child domain where I explain how to configure a child domain in an Active Directory environment, I will explain here how to delete a child domain. As a reminder, when setting up the child domain, a trust relationship was created between the two domains and DNS delegation …

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