Veeam Backup Office 365 – Installation and use

Introducing Veeam Backup Office 365

Veeam Backup Office 365 is a software which allows the backup of mailboxes hosted on Office 365. It is also possible to backup a local Exchange with.

Présentation de la solution


1. Download Veeam Backup Office 365 from the site

2. Unzip the archive.

3. Launch the executable 1.

Fichiers executables

4. Click on Next> 1.

Début de l'installation

5. Accept license 1 and click Next> 2.

Accepter la licence de Veeam Backup Office 365

6. Click on Next> 1.

Dossier d'installation

7. Click on Install 1.

Installation du logiciel

8. Wait during the installation.

Installation de Veeam Backup Office 365

9. Click on Finish 1 to close the installation program.

Installation terminée


1. Launch Veeam Backup Office 365 software.

exe Veeam backup office 365


1. Click Yes 1 to install the license.

Confirmer l'installation des licences

2. Click on Install 1.

Resume des licences

3. Select the license file 1 and click on Open 2.

Fichier de licence

4. The license is installed, click on Close 1.

licence installée

Configuration of a repository

1. From the console, click on BACKUP INFRASTRUCTURE 1.

Gestion des depots

2. Click on Add Repository 1.

Ajout d'un repository

3. Give a name 1 and click on Next 2.

Nom du depot

4. Click on the Browse … button. 1.

Proxy & emplacement

5. Select folder 1 and click OK 2.

Sélection du dossier

6. Click on Next 1.

Validation du dossier

7. Define a retention policy 1 and click on Next 2.

Réglage retention

8. Deposit 1 is visible in the list.

Repository dans la liste

Backup configuration

Before configuring a backup job, you must add an organization (Office 365 account) and then configure the backup for this organization.

Adding an organization

1. Click on Add Org 1 in the banner.

Nouvelle organisation

2. Select a deployment type 1 and click Next 2.

Type d'organisation

3. Enter the username and password of the administrator account 1 of your Office 365 tenant and click on Next 2.

Idetifiant & mot de passe

4. Validation of information, once the operation is finished, click on Finish 1.

Validation du compte

5. The Office 365 1 container is visible in the list of organizations.

organisation parametre

Job creation

1. Right click your organization 1 and click on Backup … 2.

Nouveau job

2. Name the backup job 1 and click Next 2.

Nom du job

3. Select the backup mode 1. Choose backup the following mailboxes, click on Add A to choose the mailboxes to backup.

Elements à sauvegarder

3.1. Select the boxes to save 1 and click OK 2

Selection des boites

4. Click on Next 1.

Validation des elements a sauvegarder

5. Select proxy 1 and repository 2 and click on Next 3.

Choix du repository

6. Define job schedule 1 and click on Create 2.


7. The job is visible 1 in the list.

Job disponible dans la liste


Performing a backup manually

1. Select the backup job 1, right click on it and click on Start 2.

Execution du job.

2. Wait during the execution. This may take more or less time depending on the volume of data and the internet connection.

Sauvegarde en cours ...

3. The backup is complete.

Sauvegarde terminée


To restore, you need to install Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange, which is available in the downloaded archive. If you have installed Veeam Backup Office 365 on a server where Veeam Backup & Replication is installed, it is not necessary to install it.

1. Select organization 1, click on Explore 2 then Explore point-in-time state … 3.

Restauration dans Veeam backup office 365

2. Choose a restore mode 1 and click on Finish 2.

Choix du point de restauration

3. Loading of Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange.

Chargement de Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange

4. Navigate in backup 1.

Naviguer dans la sauvegarde

5. Select the item to restore 1.

Sélection de l'élément à restaurer

6. Right click on it and select the restore mode 1.

Choix du mode de restauration

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