Storage Pool: Change a Physical Disk

Windows Server 2019

In this article, we will see how to change a failed physical disk.

When a disk is in error, an icon appears at the pool and virtual disks.

Change the disk

Open a command prompt and enter the command below to view the physical disks and identify the disk in error.


Enter the command below to mark the disc as “removed”.

Set-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName "DISK-NAME" -Usage Retired

Add a new physical disk to the server and add it to the storage pool.

Start repairing virtual disks:

Repair-VirtualDisk -FiendlyName "VDISK-NAME"

Remove the disc from the failed drive:

$DiskRemove = Get-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName "DISK-NAME"
Remove-PhysicalDisk -PhysicalDisks $DiskRemove -StorePoolFriendlyName "POOL-NAME"

Confirm the action and wait while the command is executed.

Refresh the storage pools and validate that the pool and virtual disks are no longer in error.

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