Hyper-V : create a NAT switch

Microsoft Hyper-v

In this tutorial, I will explain how to create a NAT switch (virtual switch) on Hyper-V. Before getting into the technical explanations, I will explain in a few words, what a NAT switch is. If you have already used another hypervisor such as vmware or virtualbox for example, this type of switch is available by …

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Sophos XG: routing DNS queries

DNS configuration

Presentation of routing DNS queries on Sophos XG The routing of DNS queries is similar to a conditional redirector under Windows, which allows to indicate for a DNS zone the server or servers to contact to resolve a record. This type of routing is useful in the case where your network consists of several private …

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How to install and configure Windows server routing


In this tutorial, I will explain how to set up routing with Windows Server. I regularly use this role in the different labs that I put in place under Hyper-V. I isolate the test platform with a private switch and I use a virtual machine with two network interfaces. One card is connected to the …

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