Rename an Active Directory domain

The following procedure shows you how to rename an Active Directory domain. 1. Open a command window in “administrator” mode and enter the following command which will generate a Domainlist.xml file : 2. Edit the xml file, changing your old domain to the new one: In the file, I modified rdr-it.intra to 3. Enter …

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Rename a computer with PowerShell


In this “how” tutorial I will explain how to rename a computer in PowerShell. Using PowerShell allows you to go more empty than going through the graphical interface which requires going through several configuration windows. Rename a computer with PowerShell In a PowerShell prompt use: Rename-Computer The PowerShell command to rename a computer is Rename-Computer. …

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Rename a domain controller

In this tutorial, we will see how to rename domain controller in the “rules of the art”. The name change happens in several times, here is a summary: Add a secondary name to the DC Permutation of the secondary name in primary Deleting the secondary name In an environment with multiple domain controllers, it is …

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