Exchange: optimize database space

In this tutorial, I will explain how to optimize the disk space used by the databases (MailboxDatabase) of Exchange. What you need to know is that the size of Exchange databases only increases and over time, “empty” spaces are created in the database files. Empty space is normally reused to store other data. Despite this …

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Exchange change a database mailbox

In this tutorial, we will see how to change a database mailbox. This is done regularly in Exchange environments with multiple databases with different quotas (limits). Moving the mailbox allows it to have the new quotas linked to the database unless the limits have been changed directly from the box settings. Move the mailbox 1. …

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Hyper-V: Live-Migration moving a virtual machine between two hosts


In this tutorial, we will see how to move a virtual machine from one Hyper-V host to another host. This feature is called Dynamic Migration, it should not be confused with the feature that has the same name in the failover cluster. Dynamic migration lets you move a running virtual machine to another hyper-v if …

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