GPO for Firefox

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For companies that use firefox as a browser, it was difficult to control due to the lack of admx file and the implementation of policies required scripts to copy the settings file. Since May 2018, firefox has officially offered ADMX files in order to be able to set up group policies (GPO) to configure Firefox …

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Update Group Policy Definitions – ADMX

In this tutorial, I’ll explain why and how to update Group Policy Definitions (GPOs) in an Active Directory environment. Before explaining how to do this, we will see why to update the files, for understanding I will start from an example. You are in an Active Directory environment which is composed of 2 Windows Server …

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Active Directory : configure a central store for ADMX / ADML files

In this “How” tutorial, I will explain how to create a central store to centralize the group policy definition files (ADMX / ADML).The central store allows file replication using the SYSVOL directory of domain controllers and therefore having the same configuration on all the controllers.

GPO: Central store

Vérification via l'éditeur de l'utilisation du magasin central

Presentation of the central store The central store makes it possible to share and synchronize all of the Group Policy Definition (ADMX) files on all of the domain controllers by relying on the SYSVOL folder. By default the ADMX files are in the C:\Windows\PolicyDefinitions folder which is specific to each domain controller. It is also …

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