Sharepoint 2013 foundation: installation and configuration

Windows Server 2019

The document library

The document library is SharePoint component, which allows you to create a page on a site similar to a shared folder on a file server. It allows you to group files in a common space, it is also possible to create folders to improve the classification. This component is very popular because the files deposited in it are indexed, which makes it possible to carry out research as well on the name of the file as on its contents. The component also supports the versioning which allows to return to an earlier version of the file.

The other advantage is that you can map computers to the library as a network drive, which makes it possible to centralize documents on SharePoint.

All files stored in the library are stored in the database, if you use a SQL EXPRESS server, the size per base is limited to 10GB. It is possible in SharePoint to create multiple content databases and assign them to different sites.

Add a document library

From the home page, click Add Lists, Libraries and 1 .

Add composant

Click on 1 Document Library.

Add composant

Enter the name 1 of the library then click on Create 2 .

Library name

The library is added 1 , click on its name 2 in the navigation menu on the left to open it.

Library added

Add a document

To add a document, you can either drag it into the database by drag and drop or click on New Document 1 .

New file

Select file 1 and click OK 2 .

Select file

Wait while sending …

Upload file in SharePoint 2013

The file is added to the library.

File added

Access the library by the explorer

From the page of this one, in the banner click on Library 1 and click on the corresponding icon 2 .

Sharepoint 2013 - library

The library is available from the explorer, note the path of it 1 . It is in the form http: // server / sites / library.

Sharepoint 2013 - Library in explorer

To connect to a network drive, enter the URL 1 in the Folder field.

Libray in explorer

The network drive is mapped to the SharePoint 2013 1 library. It should be possible to map the drive by GPO.

Library SharePoint 2013 as a network drive

Enable version control

Access the 1 settings of the library.

Param library - sharepoint 2013

Click Version Control Settings 1 .

SharePoint 2013 - Parameters Library

Activate the versions by selecting one of the two options 1 , indicate the number of versions to keep 2 and click on OK 3 .

Configure versions

Version control is now enabled.

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