Sharepoint 2013 foundation: installation and configuration

Windows Server 2019

Installing the prerequisites for Sharepoint 2013

Installing Windows Server Roles

Start a PowerShell command prompt in Administrator and run the Install-SP2013RolesFeatures.ps1 script to install the necessary roles for Sharepoint, confirm the installation with the default choice.

Install Roles

Wait during the installation …

Wait during install

The installation completed, confirm the restart of the server.

Install completed

Downloading prerequisites

Start a PowerShell command prompt in Administrator and run the Download-SP2013PreReqFiles.ps1 script to download the necessary files.

Script download files

Indicate the location where the files will be saved.

Folder save files

Wait while downloading the prerequisites …

Downloading files

The download of the files is finished.

Download completed

Preparing to install the prerequisites

In the folder where the files are stored, create a PrerequisiteInstallerFiles folder and then move the downloaded files in by also putting the WcfDataServices56.exe file.

Open the Sharepoint 2013 installation archive with 7zip and extract the prerequisiteinstaller.exe and msvcr100.dll files to the parent folder of PrerequisiteInstallerFiles.

Folder prerequisite

Installation of the prerequisites

During the installation of prerequisites, several reboots are needed

From a PowerShell command prompt to an administrator, run the Install-SP2013PreReqFiles.ps1 file and specify the folder where the prerequisiteinstaller.exe file is located.

Start script

The installation wizard starts, click Next 1 .

SharePoint 2013 prerequisite installation wizard

Check the box to accept the 1 license agreements then click Next 2 .

Accept license

Wait during the installation …

Wait during install

Restart the server by clicking Finish 1 .

Reboot server

When the installation is complete, close the wizard by clicking Finish 1 .

Install completed

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