PowerShell: run multiple parallel robocopy

I offer a script that will allow you to launch several Robocopy simultaneously, this use saves a lot of time when using robocopy on a folder with several subfolders.

In order to function the source must contain several subfolders.

The files at the root of the source are not copied.

Adapt the script

Line 30: Location of the source folder.

$src = "D:\Partages\"

Line 34: Location of the destination folder (local or network share).

$dest = "\\srv-target\D$\Partages\"

Line 38: Location of robocopy logs.

$log = "C:\Temp\"

Line 44: Call of the robocopy command, add or delete parameters such as the exclusion of files, folders …

robocopy $src$name $dest$name /R:1 /W:1 /COPYALL /E /XF *.tmp *.bak /mt:8 /ndl > $log

Sources : https://support.zadarastorage.com/hc/en-us/articles/213024806-How-to-Run-Robocopy-in-Parallel

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