Install WSUS with a SQL Server database

Windows Server 2019

Since Windows 2016 server, it is possible to install the Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) directly with a SQL Server database.

In this article we will see how to proceed.


To install WSUS with a SQL Server database you need:

  • Windows 2016 or 2019 server for the WSUS role
  • An instance of SQL Server (Express) that can be installed on the WSUS server.

Install the WSUS role

From the server manager, click Add Roles and Features 1 .

Server manager

When launching the wizard, click Next 1 .

Features wizard

Select Role Based Installation or 1 Functionality and click Next 2 .

Select role

Select server 1 and click Next 2 .

Select server

Check the box for Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Select WSUS

Validate dependencies by clicking Add features 1.

validate dependencies

Click Next 1 .

valid feature

Click Next 1 , no functionality is needed.

click next

A summary of the WSUS role is displayed, click Next 1 .

Resume WSUS

Uncheck WID connectivity 1 box and check SQL Server Connectivity 2 then click Next 3 .

Select SQL Server

Configure the storage location for 1 updates on the server and click Next 2 .

Configure folder

Configure access to the SQL server (SERVER\INSTANCE) 1 and click on Check connection 2 .

specify sql server

Once the connection is validated 1 , click the Next 2 button.

connection established

A summary of the IIS role is displayed, click Next 1 .

IIS overview

Validate IIS features by clicking Next 1 .

IIS Features

Confirm the installation by clicking Install 1 .

Start install

Wait during the installation …


When the installation is complete, exit the wizard by clicking Close 1 .

installation completed

Now that WSUS roles and features are installed, you must run the post-installation tasks that will create the database. On the server manager, click on the notification icon 1 and then on Launch post-installation tasks 2 .

tasks post install

Wait during the execution which may take several minutes.


The WSUS service is now installed and ready to be configured.

ready to configure

At the location configured to store the databases on the SQL Server instance, you can see that the SUSDB database files have been created.

Databases files SUSDB


Launch the WSUS Administration Console to launch the configuration wizard.

Console WSUS

For the rest of the WSUS configuration, I invite you to read the tutorial: Installing and Configuring WSUS on Windows Server that explains how to configure and install the service.

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