Fusioninventory: inventory plugin for GLPI – Installation and configuration

Presentation of FusionInventory

FusionInventory (FI) is a GLPI plugin, which allows automatic inventory of positions.

The plugin is made up of two parts:

  • The PHP script that adds functionality to GLPI.
  • The agent which is an application which is installed on the workstations and which communicates with the PHP script to inject the information into GLPI.

FI also allows network discovery and inventory using agents, with these options you can go back to GLPI almost all the equipment on your network and get information and statistics feedback.

For my part, I prefer FI to its competitor OcsInventory because fusion is fully integrated with GLPI and this avoids having to have several administrations.

Installation of the plugin on GLPI

Download the latest version of FI from their GIT. You will also need to check the compatibility with your version of GLPI. If you are using FI for your inventory, when updating GLPI I advise to wait for the FI update before updating GLPI.

fusioninventory - git page

Unzip the downloaded archive, you should have the following contents in a folder named fusioninventory.

fusioninveory contenu de l'archive

Transfer the fusioninventory folder to the plugins folder of your GLPI installation.

Transferer le dossier fusioninventory dans plugins

Go to your GLPI, from the menu click on Configuration 1 -> Plugins 2 to access the plugin administration.

Accès administration des plugins

You should see the FusionInventory 1 plugin, click on the Install 2 button.

Cliquer sur installer

You must now Activate for the plugin, click on the Activate 1 button.

FusionInventory - Cliquer sur Activer

Check the status of the plugin 1.

FusionInventory - verifier le statut

To go to FI administration, from the navigation menu click on Administration 1 -> FusionInventory 2.

FusionInventory - Administration du plugin

To go to agent management, click on General 1 -> Agent management 2.

FusionInventory - General -> Gestion des agents

The agent list is empty at the moment.

FusionInventory : liste des agents

Installing the agent on Windows

To download the latest version of the agent go to GIT and get the version according to your environment.

Liste des agents

Run the downloaded file.

fusioninventory : agent

Select the language 1 and click OK 2.

Selectionner la langue

Click on Next 1.

FIA cliquer sur suivant

Accept the license 1 and click on Next 2.

Accepter la licence

Select the components 1 you want to install and click Next 2.

Selectionner les composants

Click on Next 1.

Selectionner le dossier d'installation

Enter the FusionInventory plugin url 1 in the form http: // url_glpi / plugins / fusioninventory / and click on Next 2.

Indiquer l'url fusioninventory

You can do a quick install by checking the Quick install box.

On the two windows that follow, click on Next 1 unless you are using an SSL certificate and proxy

Choose the agent execution mode 1 and click on Next 2.

Mode d'execution de l'agent

On the 3 windows that follow, click on Next 1. At the second you can check a box to launch an inventory as soon as the installation is complete.

Click on Install 1.

Options de debug

Once the installation is complete click on Next 1.

Installation terminée

Click on Close 1.

Cliquer sur fermer

Checking correct operation

Launch the agent status page via the Windows 1 start menu.

Agent status

From this page you can see the date of the last inventory and force a new one.

Page agent

You should see the agent move up in the list of agents from the fusioninventory plugin.

Agent dans fusioninventory

The computer should also be visible in the computer list.

inventaire ordinateur GLPI

It is possible to install the FusionInventory agent automatically either by scripts or GPO. More information here.

For the servers I recommend a manual installation by selecting the inventory and network discovery (snmp) components for the execution of the tasks.

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