Deploy an RDS Farm Windows 2012R2/2016/2019

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Publish RemoteApps

The programs published in RemoteApp allow you to launch programs from Remote Desktop Session Host servers by giving the user the impression that it is running from his or her computer. Only the program window is displayed.

This solution has the advantage of using the power of the servers and facilitates the administration by needing to update only the servers. In the context of deployment of new post, this solution avoids having to install all the software.

Using RemoteApps can confuse users if they are not well informed about the operation. If the redirection of user documents is not in place, the files saved by the application will not be available on the computer.

Before publishing a program, it must be installed on all hosts in the collection.

Program Publication

1. From the collection management page, click Publish RemoteApp Programs 1 .

Publier des programmes

2. Waiting during the wizard collects programs available on a host.

Récupération des programmes disponibles

3. Select programs to publish 1 and click Next 2 .

Sélectionner les programmes à publier

If a program is not available in the list, it can be declared manually by clicking Add ….

4. Click Publish 1 .

Confirmer le choix

5. Wait during publication …


6. Programs are published, Close 1 the wizard.

Publication terminée

7. Applications are visible 1 from the collection administration page.

Programme visible dans la liste

Customize a program

1. Right-click on program 1 and click on Edit properties 2 .

Modifier un un programme RemoteApp

2. General section 1 : change the name of the application / hide the program on the web portal / organize in a folder.

Onglet Général

3. Parameters section 1 : allows you to define parameters on the command line.


4. User Assignment Section 1 : It is possible to restrict access to the program to specific groups.

Onglet Affectation d'utilisateur

5. File Type Association Section 1 : Allows you to associate an extension with the program (Works for files accessed from a session on the collection).

Onglet Association de fichier

Remove a program

1. On the REMOTEAPP PROGRAMS section, click on TASKS 1 and then Cancel the publication of RemoteApp 2 programs.

Retirer un programme

2. Check the box of program (s) 1 to remove and click Next 2 .

Sélectionner le programme a retiré

3. Click Cancel Publication 1 .

Confirmer l'annulation de la publication

4. Waiting …

Patienter pendant le processus

5. Click on Close 1 . The application is no longer available in RemoteApp.

Fermer l'assistant

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