Deploy an RDS Farm Windows 2012R2/2016/2019

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Why go into an RDS environment?

Technical point of view: reduces the maintenance of the park by having to maintain only the farm RDS. Software updates are to be deployed only on the servers in the collections. The deployment of new software is also faster for the same reason. In the same vein, changing a user station is easier because its work environment is hosted on the servers. All users work on the same environment, which facilitates support.
Financial point of view: The renewal rate of positions can be extended because the computing power is provided by the servers. Thin client computers (mini-pc) are also cheaper to buy.

How much of a remote desktop session host for an RDS deployment?

The theoretical answer to this question is 1. For reasons of availability and administration I advise you to put at least two hosts. It is better to put two small virtual machines with 4 CPUs and 8GB of RAM rather than a large vm with 8CPU and 16GB of RAM.
This way, if a host crash or if you need to perform maintenance, it is possible to do so without impacting production.

How to size host servers?

This question comes up regularly on the forums and unfortunately there is no ready answer.
Before setting up an RDS farm, it is necessary to carry out an audit to know:

The software environment used
By who ?
How? ‘Or’ What ?
CPU / RAM consumption
Pre-requisite editor …
Software conflict
The number of simultaneous users

Once the audit has been carried out, an analysis of the information collected is to be done to find the best solution to put in place.

How many users per host?

This question, which comes back regularly, does not have a ready answer. The answer to this question depends on the audit carried out for the establishment of the RDS farms.

How much CAL RDS?

The answer to this question is very simple, as much as users or devices that will use the RDS services. Licenses are awarded for a given time.

Often, people tend to be economically savvy to buy fewer licenses than users on the pretext that there are only X simultaneous connections.

If you have 20 users using the RDS farm with only 10 simultaneously, you need 20 licenses.

Is it possible to have several collections?

Yes it is possible, just consider that a remote desktop session host can not be part of multiple collections and UPDs are linked to a collection as well. It is not possible to share a user profile disk between multiple collections.

Why use multiple collections?

The answer to this question is multiple.
-Separation by service.
-Separation by site.
-Create specific collections by application and then present them in RemoteApp either on client computers or on remote offices.

The use of several collections makes it possible to segment the infra RDS according to the needs (performances / conflicts software …).

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