Change the default visibility of calendars on Exchange

Problem The default visibility of calendars in Outlook / Exchange does not allow you to see the detail (object, location, description) of an event, unless the user has modified the rights himself. Solution It is possible in PowerShell to modify the default visibility of calendars in Exchange. Connection to Exchange online / Office 365 Open …

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Outlook : autodiscover disable SCP Active Directory

In this troubleshooting tutorial, we’ll see how to prevent Outlook autodiscover from using the Active Directory SCP point for mailbox configuration. What this type of “trick” is used for: If the computer environment in which you already have an Exchange installation and the mail servers have not been properly uninstalled. If you find yourself in …

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Decommission Exchange 2010

Décocher les rôles

Presentation This tutorial follows Exchange migration to Office 365 – minimum hybrid configuration for uninstalling (decommissioning) of Exchange in the local environment Microsoft recommends not to decommission the local Exchange, by doing this you can no longer administer with an interface mailboxes including aliases. This tutorial can also serve as a guide for uninstalling after …

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Offline installation of Office 365

Office 365 download

In this tutorial, I will explain how to install Office 365 in offline mode. As part of an enterprise deployment, it is not possible to download Office as many times as there are installations to do. It is possible to download the sources and then do the installation from it. Getting the sources of Office …

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Azure AD Connect: Installing and configuring synchronization

Utilisateurs synchronisés dans Office 365

Azure AD Connect overview In this article, I’ll walk you through how to install and configure Azure AD Connect. This solution allows you to synchronize your local directory (AD) to the Azure platform and use the same user accounts. The installation of the Azure AD Connect client must be done on a domain member server, …

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Upload PSTs on Office 365 and import into accounts

When migrating to Office 365, you may need to return the history of old mailboxes in the news using the PST archives. There are several ways to do this: Import from the Outlook client directly (I highly recommend this solution). IMAP copies from the Office 365 migration interface. Send PSTs on Microsoft servers for import. …

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Office 365 with Active Directory Synchronization: Add an Alias to a Mailbox

To add an alias to a mailbox in an Office 365 environment whose Active Directory is synchronized, you must use the local directory (On Premise) to add the alias in the proxyaddresses attribute. 1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers console and verify that the Advanced Features view is enabled 1 . 2. Right-click …

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Exchange 2019 : add a mailbox

Mailbox list

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a mailbox on Exchange 2019 using the admin interface. When creating a mailbox, there are two possibilities: Create a mailbox for an existing user in the Active Directory. Create a new user and the mailbox at the same time. Create a mailbox On the administration interface …

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