Fusioninventory: inventory plugin for GLPI – Installation and configuration

Presentation of FusionInventory FusionInventory (FI) is a GLPI plugin, which allows automatic inventory of positions. The plugin is made up of two parts: FI also allows network discovery and inventory using agents, with these options you can go back to GLPI almost all the equipment on your network and get information and statistics feedback. For …

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GLPI: install a plugin

Presentation In this tutorial, I will explain how to install a plugin on GLPI. A plugin allows you to add additional features such as automatic inventory, adding form, adding fields …. the list is long … You can also develop your own plugin. Since GLPI version 9.5, there are two ways to install plugins, which …

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GLPI: SSO with IIS – Single sign-on

In this article, I will explain how to implement SSO (Single Sign-On: Single Authentication) with GLPI installed with IIS. SSO saves the user from having to enter identifiers to connect to GLPI. Prerequisites Site configuration in IIS Open the IIS console, go to the GLPI site 1 and click on Authentication 2. Select Anonymous Authentication …

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GLPI link with an Active Directory

In this article, we will see how to configure GLPI with an Active Directory so that users can identify with their Windows session name and password. Configuration of the Active Directory in GLPI From the navigation menu go to Configuration 1 > Authentications 2. In the External Authentications list, click LDAP Directories 1. Click on …

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GLPI on IIS: configuration and installation

In this tutorial, I will explain how to prepare the Windows environment to install GLPI under IIS and how to configure GLPI to send email using an SMTP server. Prerequisites Have the IIS role installed on a server. Install PHP on IIS. A MariaDB or MySQL server. Download the latest version of GLPI. Have an …

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GPO: Installing the FusionInventory Agent

Following the many messages that I can see on the forum regarding the installation of the FusionInventory agent, I will explain how I have been proceeding for several years. In this article, I will explain how to install the FusionInventory agent using a script that runs when the computer starts up. It is possible to …

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GLPI : add custom fields

Page web Fields

In this tutorial, we will see how to add custom fields using the Fields plugin. Fields allows you to add custom field blocks in the different elements of GLPI to customize the information. To illustrate this tutorial, we will add fields to the computers to save the backup information. For the fields, I relied on …

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GLPI: automatic actions configuration

Presentation of automatic actions The automatic actions in GLPI is a brick essential to the proper functioning of it. They perform back-to-back tasks for software optimization and also inventory actions, helpdesk …. Some examples : Automatic closing of incidents Send email Collecting emails Discovery Management and Inventory in FusionInventory Log rotation … Automatic actions can …

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How to update GLPI

GLPI, base de données à jour

In this tutorial I will explain how to update GLPI. Before updating GLPI, I strongly recommend that you make a full backup (file + database). Once your backup is done, you should also check the following: If you use plugins, that they are compatible with the new version That your environment is compatible (Apache / …

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GLPI: basic installation and configuration.

In this article, we will see step by step how to install GLPI (Free Management of IT Park).

GLPI is an open source solution that offers businesses a complete solution for managing the information system.